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This 1 hour session is for both students and parents. In this session we work together to unpack tools and strategies to have a 'Hip and Healthy body'. This session will help young people to face the challenging high school years with the right tools, right information, and right people to talk to and get advise from.

This session will also empower them to not starve or be nutrient deficient and be non-judgemental of themselves and their friends. Rather to use the right tools to be prepared for their high School Ball and their academic exams.

Going through high school is very challenging; physically, emotionally, mentally. On top of that you have the critical years in years 11 and 12. The challenge escalates academically and physically.

Both in years 11 and 12 students are faced with critical exams. Lots of pressure is being put on them by teachers, parents, grandparents and not forgetting peers. Students focus and aim to achieve amazing results at the extent of their health. Their main and only priority these two years is to excel academically.

Then in year 12, comes 'the Ball' where students spend hundreds of dollars to look gorgeous and charming for this one 'starry' night. Girls start working on their body to get to the perfect figure to fit into the perfect dress. They deprive themselves of healthy nutritious food, too worried of putting on any weight. 

We teach young people how the right food choices and lifestyle choices can help them achieve a healthy body weight, healthy body image and also increase their brain power to excel academically.