Uncovering Your Life’s True Purpose

There is something deeply intriguing about these questions – Why are we born? Who we truly are inside? And, what is our life’s purpose? We have jostled with them since time immemorial. Not just us, some of the greatest minds of our times (and the times before ours) have pursued them deliberately and with great passion.

When we think about the questions emphatically, they seem rather philosophical. But who has the time to spend debating philosophical questions when we are crowded by some very real and immediate problems in the course of our busy lives? We shrug. We move on.

In truth, there is a clear line dividing people who understand the answers to these very questions and those who don’t. People who are happy and satisfied having found meaning, and those who appear unmoored and lost without any direction. The demarcation is distinct and we must choose on which side of the line we will continue standing. To which group we will belong.

Mark Twain said – “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Uncovering the hidden answers to your questions can help you lead a very fulfilling life that is bursting to the brim with happiness and satisfaction. It can disperse all the heavy tension and stress that you have unknowingly accumulated. It can simplify existence. Promote health and wellbeing. And create harmony, filling your life with positivity and beautiful energy.

In this week’s blog post I pose a series of poignant questions. The answers to these questions may reveal aspects of your life’s purpose or its complete truth. Answer them in all honesty. Take your time arriving at your answers. And uncover what you are seeking!  I wish you good luck.


1. What do you love doing?

What would you do even if you weren’t paid to do it? What tasks do you love spending your time on, and time flies when you are engaged?

Identify what you love doing first – whether it is working with children, planting in the garden or creating some beautiful art. For some people the answer to this question is straightforward, which is great, for others, it is more complicated.

If you aren’t able to identify what you love doing even after spending considerable time reflecting, I suggest that you begin by picking up some new activities and trying your hand at them. Give yourself a chance to explore and learn new skills. And widen your horizons before you commit. You won’t know what you love doing for sure before you’ve tried it and enjoyed it in earnest!


2. What inspires you?

What do you dream about? What are your passions and desires? What keeps you engaged and happy even while you are doing boring or mundane tasks?

The source of inspiration can be locked within or can be external to you. Tapping into the source of inspiration is essential to staying motivated and on track the pathway to self-discovery.

To unravel what inspires you, take a deep hard look at all aspects of your life. It can be a person or people. It can be a place or taking a journey. It can be books, art or games. It can be architecture. It can be engineering. It can be a couple of things or a number of things combined. It can be one thing very simply. Find your source of inspiration and articulate it to yourself.


3. What are the hurdles in your path?

Are you a confident person who believes in yourself and your abilities? Do you fear you’ll never be good enough? Are you standing in your own way?

Discover what your hurdles are. What obstacles deter you from achieving your goals and desires. It can be a complicated relationship with a skewed power-dynamic and a controlling partner. It can be an unfair work environment. Or, it can very well be you thinking you are not deserving of the success or happiness that comes with self-empowerment.

Whether they are self-created or circumstantial, mental blocks or issues with self-belief, enlist all hurdles. Try to arrive at the root of all issues by being astute and detail-oriented. Do not dismiss behaviours or conditions. If they affect you in the very least, you list them!


4. How can you overcome obstacles?

Have you created obstacles to stay within your comfort zone? Are your challenges unmoving, stubborn and obstinate? Can you overcome hurdles without creating more stress for yourself?

Overcoming hurdles requires being highly-deft and creative with your thinking. If it is an issue with unchanging mindsets or complex relationships, try an assortment of skills such as communication, assertion and give & take to work out the problem. If the issue is more circumstantial, try changing your approach. In the end, there are a variety of ways you can overcome your obstacles.


5. How can you align dissimilar or conflicting goals?

Do you have two or more goals that are conflicting? Are your partner’s goals and ideas very dissimilar to yours? What will make your life more harmonious and in sync?

Aligning dissimilar goals is very similar to overcoming obstacles. You need creativity, positivity and an ability to take in the big picture.

An example of this can be when your goal is to travel and explore new destinations, while also keeping a steady job and earning sufficiently. These two seemingly dyssynchronous goals can come together quite nicely when you think of working online, earning your living working on small contracts and then spending (economically) on your travel.

Awakening To Calm, Wellbeing & Inner Peace

What does inner peace mean to you? I have asked myself this question over and over again. Through endless circumstances – good or bad. Surprisingly, the answer has seldom been motivated by my circumstances. It has rather been about doing simple things…constructive things…daily, weekly, monthly or yearly… at my own pace and in my own time. Eroding barriers. Removing hesitation. Reflecting deeply. And bringing forth those changes that have enabled my dreams.

I have realized that to be at peace we must be on the path of our choosing. And all our choices must be guided by our soul.

This is especially of consequence as we navigate a world filled with noise, chaos and constant disturbances, where listening to that inner voice is often made difficult. Where obligations and expectations from others bind and constrain us. Where we feel thwarted by the relentless pressure… running out of time, opportunities and options. But by opening up our minds and hearts and tapping into them, by meditating and clearing up the internal channels, and by focusing on our holistic well-being and what’s important for us, we can actually make our search of peace and calm a reality.

It is like a lotus flower blossoming in murky ponds. It is an enriching and moving experience to witness your spirit bloom. Something that is truly rewarding!

In this week’s blog post I discuss just a few things that make achieving inner peace a real possibility. I have taken snippets from my own life experience and from the inspiring lives of others around me. Do try them out as and when you are ready, without rushing yourself or pushing too hard.


1. The act of letting go

This is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Letting go means acknowledging that not everything is within our control. That while we work hard and work sincerely, we can’t always dictate the outcome. By acknowledging and accepting this we learn to lift the pressure and ease our lives. We learn to trust that whatever the result, it is for our benefit and for the greatest good.

Practice the act of letting go in your everyday. Make it a reminder and a ritual.


2. Learning something new

There is a different kind of satisfaction in picking up new skills. Whether it is making art, craft, music, or even working in the garden, the joy is unbelievable! Oftentimes, it helps clear-up blocked channels within us. Helps us communicate better with ourselves and others. Learning something new is similar to learning something new about ourselves – What holds us back? What makes us distrust our own instincts and passions? What will make us believe in ourselves again?

Pick up a new skill. Learn a new language. Invest in a hobby. You will learn something more, I assure you.

3. Keeping it simple

We get carried away with the pace of this life. We get caught up. And forget our true calling. Our purpose. Keeping it simple is an art in itself. Physically it could start with decluttering of your home, removing the unwanted mess and clearing up space. Mentally and spiritually it could mean looking for ways to uncomplicate things, communicating more clearly and organizing things a little more each day.

Focus on what’s important. What makes you happy. Remember to love yourself. And give yourself the time and space you need.


4. Rewarding relationships

Relationships can be a source of great pleasure. Rewarding relationships are those where we are encouraged to be ourselves, where we feel safe and secure, and we can share our innermost feelings without being judged. Building friendships can require a lot of work and commitment, and sometimes a lot of sacrifices and compromises. Remember give and take is natural. Ups and downs are natural too and it is not always smooth sailing.

Cherish relationships that are special. Think of your friendships as young saplings you will water and nurture as they grow into fruit-bearing and shady trees.


5. Doing things wholeheartedly

Whether it is at work or at home, whatever you do, do it with complete focus. By putting all your energy into a task, howsoever small or big, you are sure to succeed. And enjoy yourself in the course of doing it. People who do things wholeheartedly are flooded with a feeling of peace.

Draw up your commitments and give them an honest go. You will see that by doing so the universe in-turn rewards you with people who value their commitment to you.

A Stress-free Health-wise Advent Calendar That’s Just For You!

We all dream of holidays to be stress-free, leisurely and idyllic times, before somehow getting wrapped and caught-up in all the chaos, hustle and bustle they bring. We need reminders to take it slow and easy. To have a meaningful holiday true to the spirit of the season!

This got me thinking! What better way to do it than to lay out reminders in an ‘Advent Calendar’ style.  Advent calendars are all about counting down to the big day. And they pack little surprises – a cookie, a chocolate, a mint, a card, a toffee, a joke, a knick-knack, a small gift – for every morning, for 24 mornings, leading to Christmas.

How interesting would it be if we can borrow this idea and create a calendar that is meant especially for us? A calendar that reminds us to keep the focus on important things and not get carried away (or dragged unwittingly)! Like that voice in our head, just way cooler, with notes, jokes and treats just for us!

Here’s how we do it:


Draw a sketch

Begin by imagining all the days from December 1st leading to the 25th! Think about all the things you will be doing, and what type of reminders would serve you best.

Do you tend to overcook? Or spend time in the kitchen away from your family and friends? Are you a perfectionist, always cleaning, trimming and endlessly chasing chores? Will you need a reminder to call a special someone who can’t visit? Or book tickets to a concert you enjoy?

Think of everything! And, lay it out on a simple piece of paper. This is your sketch.


Fill it in

Now that you know what reminders you need, put them all on colourful pieces of paper (or on white paper using colourful pens). Get creative and have fun. If there are days when you need no reminders what-so-ever, write a silly joke for yourself that will make you smile or opt for an activity such as 15 minutes of meditation!

If you are an energetic person who tends to get overexcited, your reminders should be such that calm and soothe you. And if you are an anxious person who is dreading the holidays, make your reminders about simplicity, faith and belief.

Overall, your notes should uplift you. Give you all the confidence in the world. And, they should be filled with warmth, love and that special kind of attention only you can give yourself!


Go shopping

This is the most exciting part of the activity! And I am sure you ladies (and gents) are simply going to love it! It is a bit different from your usual shopping but no less fun, I assure you. Let me explain how.

When you go shopping for your advent calendar, buy small treats that will go with your reminders. For example, if the reminder is to care for yourself, a petite sachet of bath salts or a pretty pair of earrings is a nice buy. Similarly, if the reminder is to take a pause and breathe, a floral incense or a small bottle of perfume can complement that. If you’ve decided to be more conscious of your food choices and stay away from unhealthy sugary treats, buy a single-serve packet of organic quinoa or a jar of herbs and toppings you love.

The idea is to give your little treats some thought and shop for some simple things that will bring you great pleasure.

Now, combine your notes together with your little gifts, and wrap and number them. You can also put them into small gauze or linen bags, depending on their size. Choose a Christmas stocking, a large mason jar or simply lay your calendar out on your counter!

Don’t forget to unwrap, read and use each little gift starting 1st December!


As a final thought, creating a calendar for yourself is definitely satisfying, but if you can do gift a calendar to someone you care about. It will make their season a little less stressful and a little bit happier, and they’ll love you for it!

Time to Destress, Declutter & Prep For The Holiday Season

The song says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and that season is fast approaching. Yet instead of cheer and excitement, we’re all experiencing dread – of setting up the perfect dinner parties, decorating our homes and cooking heaps of food that is simply delicious!

With too many things piling our plates, we are killing the joy with our tremendous expectations one day at a time. Until eventually, as the season approaches and passes all we will be left feeling is fatigue, disappointment and remorse.

Is there a better way of doing it? Of course. And the good news is that we have the time to pace ourselves and recalibrate our expectations. Make this season about simplicity, de-stressing and decluttering. Take those heavy expectations and throw them out of the window, and bring in simple joys that really mean something to you.

Here are my tips to prep for the holiday season. And ladies I am sure you will really appreciate this!


1. Make ‘what you love’ your focus

Make a promise to keep it simple. This means no over the top purchases. No fancy decorations or parties. No stressing over food and what to cook. Instead, I recommend – hire a caterer, ask friends and family to bring something and have a potluck, ask your children and partner to help with everything. And relax and enjoy whatever you are doing!

Many-a-times we sacrifice our real desires for what everyone else wants. Hold on. This year make it about what you really love. Whether it is dressing as Santa or baking cookies or maybe simply having some fun hanging out with your family – what you want counts. Do it!


2. A holiday song list can add to the fun

Make a holiday song list for the car and for your home. Listen to cheery songs as you decorate your tree or as you relax in the lounge with a fine glass of wine. Choose soothing, calming hymns, or numbers with a nice tempo, and every type in between. Unwind to the music. Bring back fond memories. And take a moment to pause and savour.

Now, once you’ve realized how much fun music can be, share the joy with others. Make a holiday playlist for your girlfriend. Put a CD in the car for your partner and surprise them. And make a gift of it to a person you know who is really struggling – away from home and family, this season. It’s a gesture that is sure to bring you immense peace!


3. Keep gratitude in your heart

This is perhaps the most important consideration to make as your prep for the holidays. Keep gratitude in your heart. Be thankful for the peace, joy and tranquillity your home provides you. For the shelter and the blessings. There is abundance and light everywhere. Cherish it.

Be thankful for your good health and the health and wellness of those around you. If you have health issues, be thankful for your capacity and strength to fight. And for the support of those who stand by you no matter what. Be proud of every little thing you have accomplished for yourself and your family. Don’t let even the smallest opportunity to do good, go. Make the holidays an occasion to truly celebrate your spirit!


We all need such reminders, from time to time, to do these things! There is nothing new in what I said. Perhaps, it is all age-old knowledge. But let me urge you to consciously make these considerations and not get swept away by expectations this season. Happy Holidays and Cheers!


In health and calm,


Try Reset: Wellness, Health and Guided Weight-loss!

We all lead chaotic lives. We struggle to complete our daily chores and get through our burgeoning to-do lists. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we find mere seconds of quiet time.

Given this scenario, planning and working your way into a healthy routine is tough. Even if the intention exists.

If we make a plan, we are deterred by our constant workload. If we somehow manage to squeeze a few essentials through, we forget many important steps. And if by a miracle we do complete the first day of our plan, we are often not able to move through the first week staying true to it.

I have experienced this with a number of clients who come to me asking for an easy solution. And so far, ‘Reset’ has proved to show exceptional results.

This is why in this week’s blog post I am set to introduce and explore ‘Reset’. A fantastic package by the experts on cellular nutrition, that kickstarts your health journey.


What is Reset?

All over the world advocates of good health believe that health can be sought through nutrition, exercise and balance. Reset combines these precepts. And what you get is an all-inclusive package that helps you trace your own path to health.

The course includes a five-day diet plan that is easy to follow and requires no special preparation. It also includes tasty and nutritious health shakes that are simply superb. The dietary supplements included in the package ensure that you are not missing any essential vitamins or minerals. A probiotic powder that can be had with water or even mixed with your shakes, boosts immunity and gut health. And an anti-inflammatory tablet acts on fat storing cells to reduce inflammation quite immediately.

This is not all. Strong recommendations are made for exercising, even if it means engaging in a series of simple movements. Exercising is vital to the effectiveness of the course and complements it by quickening your rate of fat loss.

A guidebook that includes interesting recipes and tips, and a follow-up self-check checklist completes the pack.

What are the Advantages?

There are several advantages to taking up Reset. The most prominent one is to break old habits.

When you are on the Reset, your food, nutrition, exercising and even your intake of water is controlled. The changes are observable as you pick on the habit that is recommended. You drink plenty of water. You exercise. You sleep well. And you eat healthy.

The second crucial benefit is that it takes up no time at all. Following Reset is like walking down a well-paved path. You select where you take a pause, where you run for a bit and where you nap. But overall the course is charted. You can be as busy as ever, yet on a healthy plan with Reset.

And finally, the most anticipated advantage. You lose weight. You lower your blood sugar levels. And improve your metabolism.

There is immense satisfaction when you reach your health goal. You can see the plan in action and how well you persevered. And you can continue with your commitment no matter what the distractions.


Take on a Health Coach!

While the course is designed to be easy-to-follow and simple-to-apply, I do find it effective when people engage a health coach to monitor and assist with their progress.

This is even more crucial when you suffer from health disorders, eating disorders or are on a special diet. Women who are pregnant and nursing mothers should consult before they begin the course.

As a health coach, I am prepared to study your body for all signs of changes. I can recommend future courses. And guide you with tips and insight.








10 Perfect Pick-Me-Ups For The Day After Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear reader! It is Christmas day, and I want to wish you all the happiness and joy of the season.

I know how hectic it has been so far, and exhilarating and fun too. Reuniting with friends and family over dinners. Decorating your home. Shopping and prepping for everything!

And today is “The Day”. You deserve to sit back and relax. Take a deep breath. Say a little thank you and appreciate things as they unfold around you. Stay in the moment and enjoy whatever it brings.

And, when tomorrow comes, I want you to know that it will be just as magical.

With all the family gone and the home in a state of disarray, it is natural for you to feel a little disoriented, lost and confused. And added to that if you have overindulged in your favourite food this season, and/or let health take a backseat, you may end up feeling a little meh too. This is why I have prepared a list of things to follow that are bound to make your day after Christmas a little less gloomy and more cheerful.

  1. Start your day with a super positive refocus. This means a quick routine of yoga followed by a 15-minute-long bout of meditation, out in the yard or in a garden. This will help you energize for the mission ahead and keep you happily distracted from getting sentimental.
  2. A nice longer-than-usual bath should have you refreshed. I recommend that you use bath salts and essential oils generously. A few scented candles and good ambient music is a must to lift those spirits and keep them high.
  3. Next, fix yourself a healthy breakfast. Include a super nutritious smoothie with the goodness of blueberries, yogurt, banana, macadamia nuts and more. Carefully and consciously avoid unhealthy and oily foods.
  4. Take short breaks throughout the day and between chores. Find the “me” time. Find some time to call and reconnect with people who made a difference to you. Read the letters and cards people gave you, and draft responses. Write long messages to people whom you missed.
  5. Hydrate well. Drink plenty of fluids and water. Carry a bottle along with you as you clean up or do work around the house, and take sips intermittently. This will help you flush out all the accumulated toxins and also keep you from feeling tired early.
  6. Sing songs and play peppy music. Music is a great accompaniment to any task. Lively music adds zest and energy, and improves the mood significantly.
  7. Take a break from the monotony of the tasks at hand and step out. I highly recommend a brisk walk or stroll during the evening and out in the garden. Find your running shoes, sneakers and/or exercise gear. Keep your mind away from the chores and tasks and on more positive subjects as you walk.
  8. Don’t imagine that you will complete all chores at once. This is usually what causes people to breakdown or exhaust themselves. Work until you are not too tired, know when to quit and save some tasks for the next day.
  9. Scan through the pictures and videos, the “new memories” you have created. Remind yourself of all the fun moments, and the experiences that you have had. Look at pictures deeply, especially those which were taken while you were busy elsewhere.
  10. Think of those who are a little less fortunate, those who are without the basic necessities and those who are struggling merely to survive. Give, donate and do charity. Keep to the spirit of the season and do good.

And finally, keep up the positivity and the motivation. The season is far from over yet. There are tons of parties to attend even as the new year approaches. But this time do a healthy take, and keep to your resolutions!

5 Highly Recommended Tips For Great Oral Health

There are a number of common misconceptions that people carry regarding the topic of Oral Health. For example, (1) They consider the health of their teeth and gums alone and exclude other areas. Oral Health is more than that – The tongue, along with the mouth, also needs looking after. (2) Then, many people believe that Oral Health is independent of overall health. However, research that points to the contrary says that – Systemic diseases (that affect the whole body), general infections, disorders and even nutritional deficiencies can first become apparent through the mouth. For instance, pale or bleeding gums can indicate blood disorders, aphthous ulcers may be related to Coeliac disease or Crohn’s disease, the deforming shape of the jaw/jawline can be a sign of the onset of skeletal osteoporosis, and changes in the appearance of the teeth can indicate bulimia or anorexia in some cases. (3) A few also believe that habits like binge eating (or drinking), irregular sleep, and substance abuse (smoking) do not harm their Oral Health! This is obviously untrue.

If you are a person who enjoys discovering and learning new things, this article is for you. Along with the 5 tips for great Oral Health, I also bust myths and make some interesting observations that come from my experience as a Health Coach and Mentor. Having suffered first-hand with Oral Health problems, I have some real insights. I hope you enjoy reading and make little adjustments to your own Health Plan to incorporate Oral Health care.

1)   Oral Hygiene

Visiting your dentist regularly (twice a year is the recommended frequency), brushing, and flossing or using interdental cleaners daily are some of the things that you already do. Consider cleaning your tongue as a part of your everyday routine. The surface of the tongue is covered in small round protuberances called papillae. These papillae can harbour bacteria and germs that not only cause bad breath but also affect your sense of taste. The bacteria from the mouth can infect other parts of the body when the body’s immunity has been compromised for any reason. Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner or your toothbrush can check the growth of these bacteria and germs, and reduce the chances of contacting infection.

2) Diet and Nutrition

A well-balanced meal rich in nutrients is the answer for all ailments. Nutrient rich foods help build immunity and give your body the ability to fight infection. A poor diet can lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. Further, lack of nutrition can escalate the progress and severity of periodontal diseases, even leading to tooth loss. Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars contribute to the release of plaque acids that corrode tooth enamel. Eating these types of foods (usually fast foods and comfort foods) frequently can lead to the wear down of tooth enamel and the formation of cavities. Gummy and pasty foods that stick to your teeth can also trigger an overproduction of plaque.

3) Water Intake

Drinking water has a purgative effect on the body, as well as the mouth. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you exercise. Apart from cleansing the palette, this can also help in rinsing the mouth of the bacteria and other substances that are stuck.

4) Tobacco and Alcohol

Bad breath and tooth discolouration are perhaps the least harmful effects of consuming tobacco. Smoking or chewing tobacco is the cause of over 80%-90% of the oral cancers. When smoking is accompanied by alcohol consumption, the ill effects on health can be synergistically amplified exposing users to a significantly higher risk of oral cancer.

5) Stress

Stress hampers our ability to perform our daily functions. It induces a lethargy and a sense of ‘inactivity’ and we tend to binge eat and drink our way out. Stress is, therefore, the leading indirect cause of many oral diseases. Stress can compound problems for us since it impacts our immune and lymphatic systems, causing us to be susceptible to further health challenges. Exercising regularly and managing stress through activities such as yoga and meditation, can enhance your chances to counter stress successfully.

A healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body. Good oral hygiene goes beyond merely maintaining a good set of teeth and can help us fight disease and infection. A lot of alternative medicine practitioners can gauge the state of your health merely by looking at the tongue. Such is the importance!

A Cure To Coping With Social Media Anxiety

Social Media has crept into our lives slowly but surely. And, with gadgets like smartphones that have become exceedingly affordable and common, Social Media accessibility has become a norm. We connect ‘online’ with our friends and family. These platforms give us the ability to interact with anyone we choose, at a time we choose. Yes, it is true that Social Media has helped in breaking down the barriers of time and space, making networking truly possible. But if we look more closely, there have also been some disastrous side-effects, on our health and lifestyles, especially for those of us who have completely succumbed to their constant demand on our attention.

I am sure that there are a number of questions on our minds about how Social Media affects our health and the best ways to tackle these issues. In this post, I will discuss the health-impacts in the utmost detail. I will reiterate the needs of the body, for essentials like food, water, exercise and mental stimulus, and how Social Media compulsions maybe taking away from these. As a health coach and as a mom, I have first-hand information on the breakdown that comes when we lose control and let aspects beyond ourselves take charge of our lives. This is why my aim is to simply create awareness, so you may prepare, prevent and overcome some dire consequences.

1. Things are Never Picture Perfect

The glossy images of models in great shape are splayed across all Social Media channels that we browse. For many of us, this is creating an unnatural expectation to shed weight, through unhealthy habits. ‘Thinspiration’ a Social Media created buzz, supporting anorexia, and habits that encourage ‘purging’ food out of the system as a means to lose weight, is a disturbing but true fact of our world.

Then, there are pictures of mouth-watering foods that are creating an altogether different frenzy. Some images are so sensational that they create an instant trigger and craving for fast food, sugary foods and even drinks.  

2. Eating Disorders

Research has proven that continuous Social Media engagement causes the release of the neurochemical – Dopamine. This leads to a ‘dopamine high’ affecting our brains the same way drugs do.  Dopamine has also been known as a ‘reward molecule’ associated with the feeling of ‘anticipation’, ‘achievement’ and ‘accomplishment’. And, when we ‘share’, ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on Social Media posts, our actions trigger a dose of the neurochemical. Combined with our sedentary lifestyles, this can pose a problem. But overindulgence creates a ‘craving’ that can only be relieved if we continue indulging and living in the sense of social reinforcement.

The truly ugly consequences of this vicious cycle of overindulgence are, – low self-esteem, losing morale, lack of attention and constant need for validation. Our food habits are altered in this state of anxiety where we binge eat or eat unhealthy foods that directly impact our health.

3. Unwholesome Competition

There is a place for role models in our lives, whom we look up to and aspire to emulate. Social Media has exposed us to another kind of people – a friend who travelled to an exotic destination, or another who won a prize, or yet another, who dines at the finest restaurants in the city. The truth is that these people may or may not be leading satisfying lives, yet we envy them. We compete with them, either consciously or subconsciously, and modify our own life goals to accommodate the unwholesome obsessions. And when we fail, we experience depression.

What we need to understand is that Social Media is pertinent. It has made our lives easier and at times even liveable. It comes to our aid when we want to explore our hobbies or drive away loneliness, and even when we want to cultivate better habits. It is probably unwise to quit the Social Media stage completely, given all this. So how then do we manage? The answer lies in moderation. Seek to moderate the use of your devices. Unplug. Enjoy all aspects of your life, go out in nature, read books, talk to people, if you have the time and inclination, travel a bit and but most of all seek ‘balanced living’!  

How Do You Create Your Own Salad – an Amateur’s Step by Step Guide

For some people putting a salad together is like blinking an eye. For some however, especially if your cultural background doesn't involve eating salads, then putting a salad together can be a very daunting job. I must admit; I find it very challenging.
So with summer just round the corner, I thought it would be timely to put together a simple step by step 'create your own salad.'


Choose 3 LEAVES

1. Romaine lettuce
2. Ice berg
3. Rocket leaves 
4. Spinach 
5. Kailan
6. Mixed salad leaves


1. Cherry tomato
2. Broccoli
3. Beet root
4. Capsicum
5. Carrots
6. Mung Bean sprouts
7. Onion
8. Green beans
9. Cucumber
10. Alfalfa sprouts


1. Green olives
2. Black olives
3. Walnuts
4. Almonds
5. Capers
6. Chickpeas
7. Tempeh croutons
8. Tofu croutons


1. Tahini
2. Olive oil and lemon juice dressing
3. Honey and Balsamic vinegar

Choose 1 SIDE

1. Quinoa
2. Brown Rice
3. Rye bread
4. Raw seed crackers
5. Brown rice chappati
6. Couscous
There you go. Dozens of salad recipes all in one place. Let me know if you found this helpful.

How to Take Charge of Alkaline and Acidic foods in Your Diet.

Recently when I visited a health professional, I was advised not to take juice. I must have had this confused look on my face, so the health professional said, skip juice for a few days as it is acidic. That got me thinking; do most people think of juice as acidic because they think it is fruits blended together? Or at the mention of juice they picture only orange juice and immediately think that orange is acidic? 
So I thought that I would list alkaline and acidic forming foods for you so that at one glance you know what is in your diet.


ALKALINE FORMING FOODS (80% of your diet)

Almost all fresh foods (includes dried fruits)
Most fresh vegetables (whole)
Millet, quinoa, amaranth, sprouted grains
Raw goat's milk, goat's milk yoghurt
Tofu, tempeh, miso
Almonds, dry roasted chestnuts, whole sesame seeds, fresh coconut
Apple cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, homemade pickles and sauerkraut
Agar-agar, arrowroot flour
Honey (raw), brown rice syrup, stevia, carob powder
Dandelion coffee, herbal tea, green tea
Sprouted legumes
Fresh fruit and vegetable juices
Sea salt, Tamari, spices, nutritional yeast
The best alkaline body is when you have lots of LAUGHTER, LOVE, HUGS, FRESH AIR, PRAYER, MEDITATION, PEACE, KINDNESS and REST and SLEEP

ACID FORMING FOODS (20% of the diet)

Unripe bananas, plums, cranberries, prunes, blueberries
Rhubarb, peeled potatoes
All grains except those mentioned in the Alkaline foods
All processed grain products
Salted butter, sweetened yoghurt, homogenised milks, 
Most processed dairy products 
Meat, fish, fowl, whole cooked eggs
Unsprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, cashews, dried coconut
White malt, wine, balsamic vinegar, store bought pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise
Gelatin products
Sugar, jams, candies, heated honey, unprocessed maple syrup, fructose, barley malt syrup, artificial sweeteners, sulphured molasses, brown sugar
Coffee, coffee substitutes, cocoa, black tea,
Unsprouted dried legumes (pulses)
Soft drinks, soda water, alcohol
Iodised table salt


Hope this quick reference to alkaline and acidic foods will help you create a more alkalined body for yourself and your beautiful family.