10 Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels and Keep You Upbeat!

We go through life in cycles of good days and bad. Bad days, on which we tire easily and get overwhelmed with the amount of work. Good days, on which we feel like we battled and slayed the two-headed, fire-breathing dragon. And maybe even got to rescue the princess who was held up in a tower somewhere! That feeling of ‘hurrah’, of having arrived and that sense of triumph at the end of the good days is pure bliss. And I am here to tell you that there are ten simple things that you could do to change a freaking bad day into an awesome day, anytime.


1. Eat your breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, hands down! A good breakfast packs enough punch to keep you sailing through the day – Eggs, homemade muesli, oats, beans, smoothies, juices, quinoa with nut milk. Experts say that people who eat breakfast are healthier, and can endure stress and fatigue effortlessly.


2. Yoga and meditation

Light exercises like yoga and aerobics can pep you up. Using a trampoline or a gym ball can stimulate your lymphatic system. Brisk walks and outdoor exercises are essential too, as the daily exposure to sunlight is important. Good thing then that Yoga can be taken outside, to a park or garden near you. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind of all the clutter and re-focus on the finer things. Together, yoga and meditation can bring you a sense of calm and positive motivation.


3. The power of music

Listening to uplifting music and singing along with your favourite tunes can be a great way to feel energized. The soothing tones, rhythms and beats in the music create a sense of tranquillity, even when you are in a chaotic situation. Inspirational music can heighten your sense of purpose and boost your morale.


4. Coffee. Why not?

Coffee and tea can stir us into action, especially at times when we need just a little pick-me-up. It is comforting to sip on a cup of coffee or tea, at your favourite spot and just gather your thoughts. Green tea is soothing as well as nourishing, and can be that perfect option for the more health conscious lot.


5. Healthy Eating

Omega 3 fatty acids, lean proteins, healthy carbs, fibrous foods, vitamins and minerals, all make your meal a balanced, healthy and nutritious one.  A well-balanced meal is necessary to avoid the midday slump and to keep the energy levels replenished. Think salad greens with black beans, a dish of fish or brown rice, a piece of fruit and yogurt with fresh berries and nuts. Umm Yum and so good! Don’t shy away from drinking plenty of water and fluids too.


6. Good night’s sleep

Nutritionists and health coaches, in fact, all healthcare professionals everywhere believe that a good night’s sleep is a great way to recharge. Uninterrupted sleep, without the disturbing glow and buzz of your smartphones or the noises from the telly, is necessary. The body uses the rest periods to heal and repair itself, rinse away the bad proteins and fats, and rebuild on its lost resources. Restful sleep improves the brain function and mental acuity. A good night’s sleep actually means that you will be able to sustain yourself through the toughest day.


7. Hobbies

Indulge in hobbies that keep you elated and happy. Gardening, growing plants and working with the earth help you stay connected with nature. Art, craft and creative mediums activate different energies and engage diverse centres within the body. Games and competitive sports enhance your cognitive abilities apart from strengthening your physical capacity.


8. Lighting and ventilation

A lot of times it is about our environment rather than our own bodies. Take for example, how the mind perceives and picks up on the irregularities and inconsistencies in a room. These minor details that are discordant with our own individual tastes, cause us irritation, discomfort and distress. Similarly, the lack of proper lighting and ventilation in a room can drastically impact the moods and temperaments of the people that inhabit it. Comfortable and appropriate furniture that supports good posture, is also vital, especially when sitting behind the desk for long stretches is a part of what you do.


9. Hugs, handshakes and physical contact

Physical contact with animals like, petting a cat or stroking a dog, is good, but the impact on the morale is that much higher when you receive a handshake, a pat on the back or a hug. Physical contact with other humans, as a part of the social setting, is a must, as it reinforces our self-identity, self-image and self-confidence, and enhances our overall wellbeing. We feel like we are a productive and functional part of the community. While the action bolsters feelings of trust, we share in the intimacy and exchange emotional expression through the non-verbal body language.


10. Affirmation

Positive affirmation can revive you when you are downcast and at your lowest. Although, you can practice this anytime, it is recommended that you include it in your daily routine. Repeat affirmations in the mornings, or at nights before you go to bed. Soon you will see a demonstrable difference in your state-of-mind. You will be able to move mountains through will, belief and sheer grit!


I have gone through heaps of materials and tons of resources to create this list of mood-boosters. Some of them are from my own experience as a Health Coach and Mentor, having worked with beautiful people on their health journeys. And some are from my personal learning. Be sure to try them all!


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