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Hello SuperMom!

You may be a seasoned pro raising angsty teenagers, or a freshly-minted mom with an angelic newborn.

You may be savvy, wearing tailored suits to a posh corporate office, or a do-it-all mom working from home in her pyjamas.

Or, you may be a mom-on-the-go who has all the answers, juggling play-dates and soccer sessions, planning and organizing everything!

Whoever you are, I am here to applaud you.
You are doing a wonderful job!

The one thing that all of us moms have in common is the word 'sacrifice'.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed and out of balance leading such full lives.

So here's a treat designed especially for you!


  • - It will help you take a pause and refresh yourself.
  • - And hopefully, it will make your life a little easier and more fulfilling!

I have sifted through everything I've learnt in my journey as a mom with three boisterous girls and a busy career. And I have put it together in this eBook. So, harness your untapped powers and get back in charge of your health and your life!

And I'm giving it away for free, to my heroines- MOMS ON-THE-GO-GO-GO!

Simple Hacks for Achieving Total Inner Calm and Balance:

  • A busy mum's guide to health & wellness.
  • A holistic approach to great health: Experience wellness in all areas of your lives - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
  • Learn about the symptoms and issues that pull us down: Our body communicates with us when we are out of balance and under stress.
  • Discover the common mistakes we all make: Learn how to affect positive change and accelerate your wellness.
  • And much, much more...

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LifeHacks for Achieving Total Inner Calm