Women! Begin 2020 With A Pledge – To Put Your Health First

What’s better than the new year to make resolutions? Well, women if you’re listening, I have the perfect pledge for you – Put your health first!

Yes, you heard it right. Put your health first and make yourself the priority for a change.

I know you struggle to find the time. I know you are too busy taking care of your families, your children, your work and a million other things. I know you are juggling between several tasks at once. But when it comes to your health, let all these excuses fade – make time, find an opportunity, invest in yourself and see it through.

While this applies to all you women, I am really talking to my perimenopausal and menopausal women who suffer symptoms and have to continue on in the face of the worst of it. You really have it hard with unwanted weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, fogginess, lack of energy and more.

You need to stop and consider – “what happens if I don’t?” Look at all the strong women you know – your mum, your sister or perhaps an aunt. They’ve stayed strong through their many struggles. They’ve sacrificed a lot, given their time and energy and met commitments – everything at the cost of their health. And if they’ve ever shared their stories with you, you know that the regret is in not having taken care of themselves and their own health. Especially during those critical menopausal years when they were coping with great difficulty and needed a little help.

I am doing it. I am taking the stand. And I am guiding several women through their health journey this year who have specifically and dedicatedly taken the pledge. I am sure it is going to be a beautiful year for all of us!

If you too are interested, just give me a holler and I’ll be there. Please don’t hesitate. And, please don’t think that you need to suffer alone or that no one will understand what you are going through. I will. I am so keen to see you take this critical step and finally take charge. Let’s make this happen!

Here’s a list of seven simple things you can do. Start TODAY. It’s the first day of a beautiful journey.


  1. Make an appointment with your GP or a trusted Health Coach for a general health check. Make sure you are up to date with any preventive screenings, such as cervical cancer and breast cancer checks. Get your bloodwork done and ensure you discuss any symptoms, changes, or issues you are experiencing.
  2. It is important to start small, take consistent steps and then build on that. Continuous improvement is key. Ask yourself – “what can I do today that will make me feel healthy?” and take it from there.
  3. Change your routine to include some form of moderate exercise – a brisk walk, a jog, some yoga, pilates or Zumba, a sport, swimming, aerobics, or maybe a dance class. Explore what you like. Do it at your own pace. Start with 15-minute sessions and gradually extend these to 30 minutes each day.

Exercising releases “happy hormones” or endorphins. These will help you stay happy, positive, energised and motivated.

  1. Look at your nutrition – what are you eating? Is it healthy? How can you improve?

If possible, consult a nutritionist who can advise you of a personalised meal plan. Buy healthy foods. Avoid packaged and processed foods. Buy organic and in-season produce wherever possible. Cook your own meals and eat your meals comfortably without any distractions. Consider supplementing your diet if you suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

  1. Manage stress. This is important. Most of us women are just ignoring the symptoms of stress. You have to believe me when I say that stress will manifest if it is ignored.

Consider regular destressing and general decompressing. Practising deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and other coping strategies may be helpful. Venting and talking to a friend about deep-seated issues is essential. Therapy can also offer some release.

  1. Consider your emotional wellbeing and nourish your spirit. Do what you enjoy and do it for no particular reason other than the fact that it makes you happy. Take a break and go to the beach. Eat something delicious that you’ve always wanted to. Indulge in a late-night movie or a favourite book.

The only rule I’ll ask you to follow when you do this is to do it in moderation and do it as a change.

  1. Listen to your body. Take in the signs that things are changing, improving, hurting or affecting you. Alter your pace and approach to keep up with what your body demands. For example, you may want to slow down if your legs are hurting after a sprint and consider taking a brisk walk instead.

Give your body the time and patience it deserves to adjust to your routine. And never make any drastic or sudden alterations. If you are in doubt, it is best to take advice of someone who knows better – such as a Health Coach or a doctor.


If you are interested in taking this pledge, finding out more or applying some of the principles to your own life, talk to me today.

As a health coach and nutritional expert, I have the right knowhow to guide you. I can help you create effective meal plans as well as monitor your progress as you implement the changes. I understand the various stages and symptoms of menopause and can offer you timely, personalised and sound advice that can actually turn your life around. Having faced health complications myself, I can understand your issues and inspire you to tackle your challenges head-on!

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