Ways To Make Your Halloween Healthy Without Spooking Away The Fun

Halloween is still pretty much that American holiday, but that shouldn’t stop us from having some fun. The weather is fantastic, a little bit of spring still in the air and a tad of summer that’s coming. What’s not to love?! With pumpkin carving, costumes and parties, and lollies by the truckload!

Not to sound like a buzzkill, or in this case “sugar buzzkill”, all that candy and chocolate can be bad for you (and your kids’ health.) As can all the soda and junk-food you pack in the name of merrymaking. It’s not just the sugar, it’s eating a lot of it at once.

Let’s try a healthy take of Halloween this year without, of course, spooking away the fun. It can still be very entertaining I assure you. Just minus the bad parts! I’ve got some ideas, so, here we go…

Happy Halloween folks!


Get Creative

Pumpkin carving, decorating your homes, baking and cooking and designing your costumes– everything needs a lot of creative energy! So, get your creative juices flowing and indulge your imagination.

Working with your hands on some crafts, cooking or even arranging and cleaning, can have a positive effect on your health. Think about using your mind differently and tapping into all that potential.

Bring your kids, family and friends onboard. There is lots to do and it can be a shared project. Working together, crafting or baking or simply installing fairy lights in the yard, smiling, laughing and playing around, every little bit can be satisfying. It can all add to your holiday glow.


Include Activities

It is often that we focus so much on food and eating that we leave behind any scope for some physical fun. I wouldn’t blame you if you too got carried away and forgot all about it.

But hey, think about including a treasure hunt that will have everyone on their toes, solving a mystery. Or go trick-or-treating with your kids. This is ideal for some supervised-fun over the merriment, sure, but it is also good exercise for you. Plus, there is always the added incentive of catching up with some of your neighbours.

Activities can make occasions such as Halloween enjoyable. And you can burn off some of the extra calories too!


Healthy Treats

Sugar-laden lollies are the flavour of the season. And they are everywhere, on supermarket aisles and on the printed pages of catalogues. It can be hard to resist their temptation, but as moms, we know we absolutely must!

Try home cooked treats instead. The net is full of super-easy and convenient snack recipes. There are some that you can make with celery, oranges and edible paint! What can be bad about that?!

Remember you are trying to control the sugar that you and your kids’ intake this season, but beyond that, what you are really trying to do it to have real fun. This means no damage control afterwards with crash diets, and definitely no feeling regret.


Talk To Me

As a Health Coach and as a mother of three beautiful girls I’ve had my fair share of Halloween fun. I know exactly what you are going through – trying to not give in and buy the treats off the shelves, trying to keep the snacking moderated, and trying to make the holiday healthy at best. It can be tough. This is why I’ve put together this blog. To give you the right advice at the right time, when it really counts.

Hope you enjoy your ‘healthy’ Halloween. Don’t beat yourself if you can’t make it healthier, just talk to me. Much love to you and your family!

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