Top Tips To Help You Along Your New Year’s Resolutions

The new year has just arrived, and with it, the panic and dread has crept in too. The many promises and goals you made for yourself are now starting to sound too lofty and alarmingly unachievable. The new year’s resolutions are fresh on your mind and the weight you have picked up from massive food overdose of the last few weeks is fresh on your hips and around your belly. It’s time to act. To restart that exercise clock and the diet routine. But you are still too caught up. Too overwhelmed. And confused. Where and how do you begin??!!

Here’s where. Take a deep breath and stop stressing. Remember the blog post we had written on ‘Goal Setting’ a few weeks back? You can start by taking a re-read. Reacquaint yourself with the best ways to implement your goals and the habits that will help you carry through despite the many challenges ahead. The strategies presented there will provide guidance to refocus and realign with the creative, energetic, go-getter, you! And while you are at it, read what I have to say in this week’s blog post about keeping your spirit high and your mind motivated.


1. Revisit Your Goals Every Week

Through goal setting, you have learned to organize your goals and keep them simple. The thing to remember though is that a new year’s resolution that is only visited once, will soon stop motivating you. This is true of any goal. The 21 days cycle of repeatedly practising an action will help you establish an unbreakable habit. Sure. But you need to revisit all your goals every week and take cognizance. Revisiting the goals every week, taking note of your accomplishments for that week and keeping it going systematically, will help you maintain the momentum until you are done and dusted.


2. Share Your Resolutions Or Choose a Mentor

No! I am not talking about sharing your goals on social media or incessantly bragging about them to your friends. The approach that will help you is to choose a friend or a family member who understands your situation and has the ability to encourage you. Don’t fret if you don’t have such a friend or if you feel your goals should be your private business. A qualified Health Coach is a great substitute! And since Health Coaches are also discrete, sensitive and store-houses of deep health and wellness knowledge, they are infinitely better positioned to help you along. Discuss your health goals with us. Sharing reinforces your commitment.


3. Reset When You are Beat

Not surprisingly, no more than 8% of the new year’s resolutions get successfully done! This is a staggering metric. The reason behind this is our own inflexibility to reset and restart. We get bogged down when we fail to do something once, and the inaction and the mental blow it causes is so drastic that it cascades. And soon we are in the fold of the great avalanche. We quit all the good work completely and put it behind us like it never happened. Honestly, I believe that if it didn’t happen the first time there is always a second time. And a third time. And a fourth? Why not?! Give yourself the option to start again. Revisit your goals and restart, anytime. It’s your drive and commitment that count.


4. Find The Little Joys

Accomplishing goals and resolutions is neither about the self-discipline nor about the hardships you have endured. It is rather, about the journey itself. The transformative journey that will help you develop into the ideal version of yourself. It will bring you to a state of peak health. You must find the little joys along the way and appreciate them. See the improvements, howsoever minor or inconsequential. And be creative and adventurous with the failures and take them positively. Change your mental state as well. And don’t forget to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve.

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