Time to Destress, Declutter & Prep For The Holiday Season

The song says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and that season is fast approaching. Yet instead of cheer and excitement, we’re all experiencing dread – of setting up the perfect dinner parties, decorating our homes and cooking heaps of food that is simply delicious!

With too many things piling our plates, we are killing the joy with our tremendous expectations one day at a time. Until eventually, as the season approaches and passes all we will be left feeling is fatigue, disappointment and remorse.

Is there a better way of doing it? Of course. And the good news is that we have the time to pace ourselves and recalibrate our expectations. Make this season about simplicity, de-stressing and decluttering. Take those heavy expectations and throw them out of the window, and bring in simple joys that really mean something to you.

Here are my tips to prep for the holiday season. And ladies I am sure you will really appreciate this!


1. Make ‘what you love’ your focus

Make a promise to keep it simple. This means no over the top purchases. No fancy decorations or parties. No stressing over food and what to cook. Instead, I recommend – hire a caterer, ask friends and family to bring something and have a potluck, ask your children and partner to help with everything. And relax and enjoy whatever you are doing!

Many-a-times we sacrifice our real desires for what everyone else wants. Hold on. This year make it about what you really love. Whether it is dressing as Santa or baking cookies or maybe simply having some fun hanging out with your family – what you want counts. Do it!


2. A holiday song list can add to the fun

Make a holiday song list for the car and for your home. Listen to cheery songs as you decorate your tree or as you relax in the lounge with a fine glass of wine. Choose soothing, calming hymns, or numbers with a nice tempo, and every type in between. Unwind to the music. Bring back fond memories. And take a moment to pause and savour.

Now, once you’ve realized how much fun music can be, share the joy with others. Make a holiday playlist for your girlfriend. Put a CD in the car for your partner and surprise them. And make a gift of it to a person you know who is really struggling – away from home and family, this season. It’s a gesture that is sure to bring you immense peace!


3. Keep gratitude in your heart

This is perhaps the most important consideration to make as your prep for the holidays. Keep gratitude in your heart. Be thankful for the peace, joy and tranquillity your home provides you. For the shelter and the blessings. There is abundance and light everywhere. Cherish it.

Be thankful for your good health and the health and wellness of those around you. If you have health issues, be thankful for your capacity and strength to fight. And for the support of those who stand by you no matter what. Be proud of every little thing you have accomplished for yourself and your family. Don’t let even the smallest opportunity to do good, go. Make the holidays an occasion to truly celebrate your spirit!


We all need such reminders, from time to time, to do these things! There is nothing new in what I said. Perhaps, it is all age-old knowledge. But let me urge you to consciously make these considerations and not get swept away by expectations this season. Happy Holidays and Cheers!


In health and calm,


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