Selenium’s Amazing Health Benefits

If you want youthful skin, sharp mind, healthier immune system, strong heart, reduced inflammation and a well-functioning metabolism, you should consider including Selenium-rich foods in your diet. Selenium affects reproductive health and fertility. It detoxifies your body and contributes to thyroid and autoimmune health. It relieves asthma symptoms. It has significant antiviral effects and is also proven indispensable in the fight against cancer!

There is no question Selenium is essential for your health and wellbeing. It is required in only very small amounts, yet it delivers some seriously powerful impacts. This is why in this blog-post, I cover all things Selenium and let you in on its amazing benefits.


Magic Mineral

With so much to contribute, Selenium (Se) is a magic mineral. It is found in trace amounts in the soil and occurs naturally in certain high-Selenium foods. It is even found in water in very minute quantities.

People consume naturally occurring Selenium from plant and animal-based foods, as well as water. However, the daily intake may vary depending on the quality of soil in the region, the concentration of minerals in the soil or water and the overall quality of the produce.

The systemic degradation of soil and water sources which has affected the world-at-large means that our foods are extensively stripped of nutrients. Including Selenium.

Selenium deficiency is a fairly common occurrence. Low selenium levels are linked to a number of negative health complications and may trigger conditions such as Keshan disease, cardiovascular disease, and infertility. There also exists a correlation between Selenium deficiency and cognitive decline.


Benefits of Selenium

Selenium has an especially protective effect on the body. It shields the body by increasing its antioxidant capabilities and boosts the body’s resistance against disease, stress and other triggers. It defends against free-radical damage and reduces inflammation.

Selenium is an essential component of glutathione peroxidase. Glutathione peroxidase is an important enzyme used in processes that protect lipids (or fats) stored in cell membranes.

Foods that are high in selenium include Brazil nuts, cereal, eggs, liver, lamb, fish, chia seeds, mushrooms, banana, lentils and sunflower seeds, in addition to poultry and certain types of meat. Whole foods are the best sources of selenium. With processed foods, there is a high-risk of losing precious Selenium to high-heat or other processing treatments.


Selenium Supplement

Scientists and researchers have defined the optimum daily dosage for Selenium as at least 40 micrograms. However, amounts are known to vary from person to person based on individual need and health history. (Beware: High doses reaching 400 micrograms or more can be harmful and can cause toxicity!) People with Selenium deficiency and low status may benefit from Selenium as a dietary supplement.

It is recommended that you talk to a trusted healthcare profession or a health coach before altering your diet or consuming supplements. Commence by getting your blood tested and analysed. And then follow the advice of your health coach regarding supplements.


Supplementing for 5 weeks with 100 mcg of Selenium has shown to lessen anxiety in individuals. Selenium affects the cells of the nervous system, and, thus, affects mood. Neurotransmitters do not turn over as quickly in Selenium deficient individuals.


Recommended Dosage

The recommended daily allowance for selenium depends on factors such as age and health condition. This is a general outline as recommended by USDA.

  • Children (Ages 1–3): 20 micrograms/day
  • Children (Ages 4–8): 30 micrograms/day
  • Children (Ages 9–13): 40 micrograms/day
  • Adults and children (Ages 14 and up): 55 micrograms/day
  • Pregnant women: 60 micrograms/day
  • Breastfeeding women: 70 micrograms/day


Selenium is a magic mineral indeed. It has some very positive benefits – It can treat a number of health conditions, enhance longevity and improve metabolism. It is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It plays a critical role in boosting the immune system, reducing age-related mental decline and even decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Incorporating Selenium into your diet is an excellent way of maintaining good health and enhancing the quality of your life!

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