What Primary Foods Sustain You?!

Love is food for the soul. And so, everything you love – from your relationships with friends and family, to your spiritual life and needs, running, jogging, hiking and all your hobbies, and even your job and every-day work – feeds your soul and sustains you!

When these primary foods are balanced and satiating, life feeds you. You are high on pure energy. Driven to accomplish goals and achieve success. And your eyes dazzle with newfound vigour.

This is when what you eat becomes secondary, as foods of a different kind keep you happy, nourished and going for more!


1. Meaningful Relationships

Man is a social animal, and relationships are a building block of life. We thrive on meaningful positive relationships. Good relationships are as essential to our existence, as air to living!

Our families and friends are the reason we smile. They support us during those tough moments, and they are constantly around us as we better ourselves. They are the voice of good counsel. A helping hand and the blunt truth when we need it.

We can share our innermost thoughts and feelings with them. And, vent out our clogged-up emotions.

Finding and keeping good friends, and cherishing relationships, is important. It keeps us functioning normally, especially in the social context.


2. Pleasurable Activities

Good exercise, a run or cycle in the park in the fresh air, or dancing to the tempo of a favourite tune – physical activity keeps us fit and healthy!

A bunch of ‘happy hormones’ or endorphins are secreted when we engage in physical activity. These hormones create a feeling of happiness and elation. They interact with the receptors in the brain and trigger a positive feeling throughout the body.

Endorphins play a pivotal role in keeping us immune to a variety of diseases. They fortify us and prevent us from falling ill.

Engaging in physical activity is more than just exercising. Think about your hobbies that require you to expend energy. Like hiking up a mountain or exploring a new city.

Add playfulness and creativity to the mix, and physical activity can be a real boost!


3. Fulfilling Career

We all need to have a career and hold a job in order to feel productive. We spend a significant proportion of time working, whether it is at the desk at the office or in our homes. And, we need to feel appreciated and contented for all our efforts.

When our careers are fulfilling, where we solve problems and become a part of the solution, the rewards are enormous.

A bit of healthy competition does tons to our self-image. It keeps us motivated to achieve better results and to engage with our peers. To feel competent and to hone our skills.

The relationships we develop at work are different too, although similarly rewarding. And engaging with people who share similar passions, skills and competencies can be interesting.

If we are not there yet, no need to worry. Pursuing a dream career may be challenging at times, but it’s the journey that counts.


4. Awakening Spirituality

It is our spiritual needs that perhaps get the least bit of attention from us! But our spirituality and spiritual pursuits are vital for our balanced functioning.

A person’s spiritual well-being is his or her ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a connectedness with self and others, through art, music, literature, nature, or an exploration of life and its meaning.

Spiritual health means different things to different people. Like spirituality, the concept is broad and includes meditation, theology, the study of God or a higher power, demystifying the fundamentals of the soul, religion itself, and self-development to a great extent.

It anchors your thoughts and fortifies your values and beliefs. It gives you a scale and a moral compass with which you measure decisions, to always aspire to take the right ones.


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