One Word You Should Carry Into The New Year – Balance

It started a little before New Year’s Eve. I noticed this game people were playing on Facebook, and maybe on some other social media platforms too. It’s seemed to be a great conversation starter sparking friendly banter. So, people were delightedly leaping in, indulging their friends and playing without inhibition.

There were responses splattered all over everyone’s timelines. And everybody was quick to share it on their own timeline almost as soon as they come across it!

All this was happening until recently. Crazy. Inspiring. Enthralling. A game that spread big smiles on people’s faces.

For a game that had won such widespread popularity in so short a time, its rules were fairly simple and straightforward – The game asked you to choose one word that you recommend should be carried into 2019. The word would have to begin with the first letter of your name. And only one word could be chosen at a time.

I am lucky my name starts with the letter ‘G’! Gratitude, goodwill, giving, grace, God, generosity – there are so many beautiful words that I ‘gifted’ my friends! But now that the things have waned and the tide has ebbed, no one is thinking about the game anymore. But I have been inspired.

Here in this week’s blog-post, I disclose one word that I think you should carry into 2019. One word that is pure and simple. One word that will bring peace and joy to your life. It will guide you, help you decide when you have to make tough choices and stimulate you. It can be your focus as well as your truth.

The word is ‘BALANCE’. Let me explain why.

The Meaning of Balance

We live chaotic, demanding and bustling lives. We rarely choose to live this way. Our circumstances dictate the pace of our lives and we go with the flow.

Not resisting and continuing the way life is taking us, is often the first mistake. We need to navigate our own path. We need to make our own way.

This requires courage. Making difficult choices. Making hard decisions.

We can soften our circumstances with balance.

When we keep balance in perspective, our choices become simpler. Do I choose to indulge and eat fast-food, or cook for myself tonight? Do I stay late and watch this movie or go to sleep to wake up early and fresh tomorrow? Do I spend more money on a gym membership or do I go for a jog every day instead?

Balancing the extremes and finding a comfortable middle ground is a good idea. And so is the idea of not taking the same extreme route every day. Sprinkle your days with fun – food you relish rather than food that is store-bought. A healthy store-bought snack rather than cooking at home, for a change. Sleeping well every day but catching a late-night movie with a friend occasionally. A regular gym membership. And a break from the routine on the day you go for a jog.

With balance, your life will become meaningful, spontaneous and fun. You will be able to take greater pleasure in your routine. And sacrifices will become bearable.


So, take a chance and bring balance into your life this new year. It will make a world of a difference, I promise.

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