On The Question Of Supplements

Dr Mark Hyman, MD says “In a perfect world, no one would need supplements.” But, are we living in that perfect world?

Look around you. Look at your home and your family. The cluttered, chaotic life you are living. Look at your workplace and your job. What funds your income also forces you to make unhealthy choices. Look at the growing stress in your life. How do you vent and reenergize? The many distractions that constantly vie for your attention, from smartphones to television, there are more devices than meaningful relationships in your life.

And finally, look at your diet, sleep and exercise. The inherently poor quality of our food supply means we are consuming a number of harmful stuff. We are pumping toxins into our systems when we consume alcohol, overly sugary junk foods or highly refined processed foods. We are constantly on the go from one task to the next, neither resting nor sleeping enough. And never take a pause. All this wreaks havoc on our gut-brain balance. Not to mention it hinders our natural bodily functions.

I believe you if you feel you are doing enough. You are set against mighty odds. But, believe me when I say Nutritional Supplements do help.

Your world won’t magically transform into a perfect one overnight. No that will never happen. However, you will gain the necessary FIGHTING POWER and revitalisation you need to cope with this one!


The Role of Vitamins and Minerals

We don’t realize how many of our current problems stem from this incomplete diet and our inability to adjust. With the right advice and slight course correction, it is possible to be infinitely happier.

The terrible mood swings, ups and downs, fogginess and fatigue, forgetfulness and carelessness – may all be related to a deficiency.  Chronic health complaints, insulin resistance and inflammation too.

The fact of the matter is – in today’s world EVERYONE needs a basic multivitamin and essential minerals supplement!

It helps to remember that Dietary Supplements are not drugs. They do not work like drugs do. They work with your body, your organs and systems, helping support normal function and biochemistry. Enriching foods you consume with the vital vitamins and minerals that they are lacking in.


Unless You are Growing Your Own Food, You’re NOT Eating healthy!

How will you ensure that you are eating healthy when the very soil in which the food grows is depleted of vitality? And this is a vicious circle –  from crop to the animals feeding on it, even our animal products are impoverished.

Additionally, there are a plethora of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers dumped on crops. Animals are injected with hormones. Their diets too are heavily changed. They no longer roam free and feed on the goodness that nature produces. Rather, they are caged or kept indoors and fed with an altered carb-rich diet. And dosed with antibiotics to prevent them from exploding completely.

The repercussions are many – from the diseases they harbour, to the ingestions of drugs and hormones that run from them to us.


Don’t Jump Into it. Understand Your Supplement Requirement First.

Reading about all that actually happens out there and how our food source is becoming less and less nourishing, can be quite scary and nerve wrecking. I suggest you take a moment to absorb it.

Don’t, however, be tempted to take impulsive action. Letting go of the old ways and jumping into the new ones requires some preparation. My advice is to ascertain your requirements in full before making any permanent alterations to your diet.

Unfortunately, as there is no one-size-fits-all option, it is important that you find your own fit. This would entail talking to a professional Health Coach and following their advice:

  • Talk to your Health Coach and get a thorough diagnosis.
  • Get all the tests done and analysed.
  • Discuss your diet in detail with the specialist.
  • Buy the recommended supplements from a trusted vendor.
  • Adhere to the prescribed dosage.

Maintain a journal to record any/all improvements.

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