Why Moderation Is Key To Good Health?

Moderation is often used subjectively and therefore, in individual contexts it may suggest drastically different things. For example, Moderation could mean a tablespoon of sugar to one, while to another it may mean quitting sugar altogether in compensation for a fruit-rich diet. This variation has led one-half of healthcare professionals to believe that Moderation may in fact NOT be an optimal solution for everyone. And it is perhaps true that it cannot be advised freely without doing due diligence and without making stronger recommendations that are clearly measurable (by all involved). At the same time, the other half of the healthcare specialists group still continues to believe that Moderation is key to good health.

It appears that there is a thin line that demarcates ‘Moderation’ from other close alternatives. As a Health Coach I have discovered this, and meticulously developed a definition for Moderation that is easy to follow. So, in this blog post, I begin by making a case for Moderation. I eliminate some of the confusion around the subject. I let you understand it from a personal context. And I expose and elucidate the available means to apply it in the most suitable manner that also maximizes its effectiveness.

What is Moderation?

Moderation is the avoidance of excess or extremes of any kind. In observing reasonable limits, be it while consuming food or exercising or even while watching television, we discipline our bodies and minds and become consciously healthier. There can be Moderation in calorie intake, in portions of food, and in the type of food we consume from different sources.

How do I start?

Start by becoming aware of the variety of foods you eat. You can look at their dietary importance, as well as their appeal to your taste buds. Being conscious of your food intake helps you take control of your health. Next, keep a weekly calendar where you detail your food habits, water intake, hours of sleep, your moods, as well as your exercise routines. Simple movements or dance lessons also count. With this calendar, you should be able to zero in on days where the patterns are skewed, and you have either overeaten or overindulged in any of the aspects. The calendar should be able to give you an idea of your average day. After recording these baseline metrics, you should be able to work on exerting more control. For example, you can begin by moderating the amount of sugar and salt you consume through your meals, or resizing your portions, or even including some healthier choices.

Talk to a Health Coach

Talking to a Health Coach, or Nutritionist, or anyone you trust, helps. We are trained to provide you with the necessary guidance, oversee your progress, help you when you encounter challenges and keep you motivated. The second person perspective is especially useful in order to avoid depriving your body of essential nutrition or overexerting on exercise regimens. We watch out for signs of fatigue or breakdown, as well as monitor the subtle changes taking place in your body as you continue on your journey.

What are the benefits?

Apart from the obvious benefits, Moderation is particularly useful while giving up bad habits and incorporating healthier changes. The gradual transformation helps your body adjust and adapt slowly, giving you time to ease out and not relapse into old habits. You can begin to notice the impacts of all your efforts, even as you practice Moderation, and this motivates you to continue further. For weight management, Moderation is an easy, no side-effects, low-risk approach that gets you the expected results.

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of listening to your body, while you practice Moderation. If you feel fatigued, lethargic, or if you are stressed or confused, or if you feel anything but ‘good change’, I urge you to seek help and counsel. As always, I am at your service with any questions you may have in this regard. The supporting principle behind Moderation is the commitment to balance and holistic health. It helps you see the bigger picture in which your good health plays a crucial part!

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