What ‘Language’ Has To Do With Better Weight Control? – How Positive Self Talk Can Motivate & Empower You!

For those of us grappling with Weight Management issues, a lot of it has to do with our state of mind. While we push and sometimes punish our bodies deliberately in the hope that it will all yield results, our inner dialogue remains discordant as one of negativity and discontentment. Like static on the television screen, it blurs our focus and fills our minds with unpleasant thoughts. Even as we continue to work very hard, we subconsciously chide ourselves and believe that our goals are too lofty, or that we don’t have what it takes or that it is altogether impossible. And when we fail, just as we thought we would, often these internal views and motivations are what have impacted the outcomes the most!

The key to correcting this situation then is to first become aware of the nature of our internal chatter and to refocus it on a more positive outlook. Take for example, our notion of our own physical appearance as less than appealing, or our self-concept as one who cannot accomplish goals. There are several reasons why we choose to believe in such ideas.  Our perceptions may be triggered by childhood incidents, or unwholesome past relationships where we were ‘fat shamed’. Whatever the reasons, these ideas stay with us, and circulate within us, until eventually we stop wearing makeup or socializing or even stepping out for groceries. In extreme cases the negative self-talk can dismantle and disrupt lives and cause severe depression.

Positive self-talk, on the other hand, can empower and motivate you to achieve your dreams. This is why in this week’s blog I emphasise on overall positivity. I understand that introducing change in the internal discourse is tough. It definitely will not happen overnight. It requires diligent work through a period of time. So, to aid in this systematic alteration of habits and bringing about the positive recalibration, I lay down the five-step approach here.


Step 1: Become Aware

This is perhaps the most difficult step of them all – Becoming aware. It includes becoming aware of your thoughts, conflicts and challenges. Meditating on issues that matter to uncover underlying themes. Building inroads into your subconscious. Confronting your fears and becoming more conscious of your choices. Opening up to yourself, with your hidden thoughts and theories. With awareness comes acknowledgement and the possibility for change.


Step 2: Remove Negativity

Rinsing yourself of all the negativity is a tedious process, just short of sage burning. It starts with rounding up thoughts, objects as well as people who have negative influences on you and then discarding them. Ridding yourself of all the toxic and unsynergetic stimuli that do not support your dreams and aspirations. And strongly and urgently expressing the need for positivity from all people who surround you.


Step 3: Affirmations

Simple positive affirmations that boost your morale and nudge you in the right direction are an essential everyday habit to incorporate. Writing down your affirmations and repeating them with purpose and vigour is beneficial. Repeating the affirmations in front of the mirror, while your body and facial expression is in complete view, helps. Remember, affirmations are a robust mode of communication with yourself that can empower and motivate you through the roughest circumstances.


Step 4: Building a Strong Storyline

Imagining the end result, whether it is as a ten kilo lighter and healthier version of you or as a physically and mentally strong individual successfully fighting a condition, is a powerful picture to work towards. Internalizing your goals and dreams as if they were something that you have already achieved, triggers improved reactions. Reminding yourself of your personal story and visualizing the details creates the right motivation to get going.


Step 5: Document Achievements

Often, this is the most forgotten step. Documenting even the smallest achievements has huge impacts on the mind seeking encouragement. The practice of journaling or keeping notes as you work on your health goals, acts as a compass, giving you an indication of your progress through time.


The five steps detailed above are crucial to introducing positivity in your mental stance and fighting the internal daemons that chastise you. They inspire a change in your thoughts, remove mental blocks, and uplift your spirit in a way that in turn affects your actions too. And you will be surprised how this simple change in your inner dialogue can make Weight Management an easier, far more achievable endeavour.


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