Heart & Soul: A Guide To Making Your Relationships Meaningful

Meaningful, nurturing and giving relationships can be food for your soul. They nourish you with companionship, love and intimacy. They uplift you when you are down. They bring you great joy and satisfaction. And, they add meaning to your life.

If you have been seeking such a relationship with your loved one, there are a few things you need to know. Relationships like this, that are soulful and meaningful, often take a fair bit of work.

Everyone knows that communication and sharing, as well as trust, honesty and respect, are the building blocks of good relationships. But hey, we all make mistakes. And, it is our love and the willingness to forgive each other that dictates how strong the relationship is and whether it can stand the test of time.

Growing your relationship so that you are in touch with their soul, moving closer to understanding one another and deepening your connection – These are some areas that require constant work. We need to unravel our partners, find their innermost thoughts and share secrets. We must learn to be good friends. And, spark a deep and meaningful connection.

You need creativity and insight for this. Here in this week’s blog post are a few ideas that will help. I present them as a guide to making your relationships meaningful. Take a read, add your own tweaks and make them work for you!


Having an open conversation

An open dialogue that is judgment-free, honest and upfront is a good starting point. For some of us who are struggling with issues of intimacy or trust, this may not be an easy thing to do. I recommend giving it a shot nevertheless.

Having such a conversation with your partner means you are comfortable sharing things with each other. Knowing what is going on in each other’s lives is easy when you are in touch and conversing. Talking to each other about your opinions, likes and dislikes, preferences and tastes, opens up avenues for understanding one another more deeply.


Doing things together

Psychologists always recommend this step and of course, it is as therapeutic as it sounds. Do things together. Get involved. Work on a project together. Find a common hobby or passion. Learn something new together. Develop a shared interest.

Working together will give you more insight into each other’s mindsets, characters, interests and approaches. It will bring out their sense of humour and the carefree passionate side they keen under wraps. Exploring this can be thrilling.


Taking a break

Couples are often stressed in their daily lives – demands of the jobs, their family and children, making time for commitments. It can all get incredibly overwhelming. This is why it is important to take a break every once in a while, do it together and unwind.

There is a fun side to your partner that you will be able to experience during your breaks together. Whether it is at an exotic island or right here at home watching a movie, you don’t want to miss this step.


Keeping it real

Ask yourself this – what matters most? Is it happiness and love, or something else? Define your relationship goals.

What are their favourite movies or books? Do they enjoy clubbing or antiquing? Include these in your own life. Make time to read each other’s favourite books and watch their favourite movies. If your partner shares something that is important to them, listen, follow up and take an interest.


Building a healthy routine

Couples complain about how routines bring them down. But think about it, your routine is 80% of your life together filled with normal, mundane chores and tasks.

Build a healthy routine that is both exciting as well as comfortable is really important. Make a habit of cooking together. Deciding the menu together. And eating meals together at a table away from distractions such as television and smartphones. Have timely sleep and rest well. Think about your spiritual needs too.

Overall, there should be balance and peace in your co-existence. And a chance for love to thrive!

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