Fighting Menopausal Weight Gain

There are a lot of changes happening in your body as you step closer to menopause. Some are pronounced and noticeable while others are muted, but even so, you can be sure that your body is transitioning. Even at perimenopause, changes are still slowly unravelling.

Most changes during this time are connected with the changing levels of hormones in your body. As a result of this – you may experience weight gain around your abdomen, hip and thigh areas. And slight to severe bloatedness and inflammation.

Further on, you may begin noticing that it has suddenly become more and more difficult to control your weight and keep it at your usual. And while you eat the same routine meals and even engage in light exercises, the reading on the weighing machine keeps going up constantly!

It is important to realise that you can’t fight menopausal weight gain with the same old “conventional” tools. You need new ammunition in your arsenal and this blog post is set to provide you with everything you need.

Here, I talk about the changes your body is experiencing internally as you approach menopause or perimenopause. I discuss the falling oestrogen levels and how they impact the fat distribution in your body. And finally, I give you a list of ways you can manage menopausal weight gain properly and diligently.


Bodily changes at menopause

As you age, your muscles lose their firmness and form. You may lose muscle mass. Your skin loses its glow and elasticity. Your metabolism slows down. You may also experience bouts of depression, anxiety and moodiness. You may feel fatigued and tired and feel this way a lot sooner without really exerting yourself.  All these bodily changes can contribute to menopausal weight gain.

Further on, they can also impact your sense of self, lowering your self-esteem significantly. Other bodily changes, such as vaginal dryness and irritation, may also impact your sex-drive leading to sexual difficulties.


Oestrogen levels at menopause

Any change in the hormonal levels, especially a drop in the oestrogen levels, can influence the fat distribution in the body. This is why many women gain “bulk” during their perimenopause and early menopausal years as their oestrogen levels drop. The unwanted fat or “bulk” often accumulates around the midsection or the abdomen, thigh and hip areas.

Although the exact science is not yet studied or understood, the correlation between changing hormonal levels and the fat distribution in a woman’s body is an undeniable reality.


Managing menopausal weight gain

It is crucial to manage menopausal changes, including menopausal weight gain. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Eat healthy. Take in nutritious meals. Cook for yourself. Buy organic, in-season, and wholefood produce from your local farmers markets. Avoid processed and packaged meals as much as possible.
  2. Focus on foods that are rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, spinach, leeks and parsley.
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercising regularly can give your metabolism a boost. Aim for at least 15-20 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days. A brisk walk in the garden or a light aerobic exercise routine also counts.
  4. Accept the changes to your body that are age-related and work towards enhancing your health by taking healthy lifestyle measures.
  5. Actively practice yoga and meditation. Reduce stress from your life – destress, declutter and cleanse.
  6. Curb a few bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. Or, in the very least reduce your frequency. Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
  7. Drink plenty of water. Water is a natural cleanser and can help in flushing out toxins from the body.


Most women are scared, insecure or uncertain about the changes that their bodies are experiencing during menopause. They keep it all in and refrain from talking about it. Some changes are challenging and complex – and it is difficult to work through them without first acknowledging their existence and impact on your life.

Women! Stop doing this. You need to talk and vent and explore solutions that work for you.

My Menopausal Solutions Via Gut Health Healing group is just for you! It has been designed with a view to discussing the issues we experience and finding the right answers. It is a natural and comfortable setting between friends where you can feel safe and included.

Sign up today! I look forward to seeing you there!

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