Fighting Breast Cancer With Tender Love and Care

We’re in the middle of beautiful Pinktober – the month for breast cancer awareness! As men and women come together to comfort survivors, empower women, and talk about the delicate issues of survival, treatment and healing, let’s all show our support and solidarity by wearing a pink ribbon.

There are several factors that lead to a higher risk of women contracting breast cancer. Exposure to environmental toxicity being the primary. It is, however, the stress from our busy lives, the fatigue and burnout we experience, and the compromises we regularly make that lead to slow toxicity build-up in our bodies, and eventually cancer. Who can say we didn’t see it coming?!

We need to take a pause now. Breathe in. And make strong choices to stop the suffering. Beginning with tender love and care, not just for ourselves but women everywhere.


Cancer Care for Survivors

Cancer feels like a whirlwind of rising fears. It is so difficult to stay grounded and steady when events and moods spin you out of control. For those of us who suffer from or have survived cancer, there are several phases we go through – From anger and denial to remorse and even guilt.

We begin viewing our lives as if we were strangers looking in. We feel disassociated and disconnected. A tad detached too at times. Many will start rigorous routines, medications and chemo. And beat themselves over the choices they’ve made. But believe it or not, pushing yourself like this will only make things tougher.

What we need to remember is to be kind and gentle with ourselves at all times. Take little steps. Trust that healing will happen when the mind is at peace.

Take care to eat proper meals. If you can’t eat in one sitting, spread your meals and have smaller portions throughout the day. Eat healthy, organic and homemade meals. But if you have to buy food add a side of salad or fresh-fruit to the takeout. Meditate and calm your mind. Exercise. If you can’t go for a run, walk. If you don’t feel like walking, do breathing exercises at home in your garden. Be patient. Give yourself sufficient rest and care. And don’t be too hard on yourself.

Staying positive helps build a stronger frame of mind. If the disease makes you feel vulnerable and unsafe, some simple positive affirmations can help you beat that. Try saying them aloud whenever you feel the need. Creating a positive environment where you nurture and care for yourself can have a lasting effect.


Caregivers Remember

We all know at least one woman who has suffered from cancer. The chances are high, as one in eight women get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and the numbers are rapidly increasing.

As a caregiver, your job is a lot harder than the patient who is actually fighting cancer. We get to see all the changes, the undoing of a person. And if we are not strong, we may break ourselves. In these cases, it is important to focus on the bigger picture. Learn to let go of smaller worries and superficial issues. Look far and deep.

Partner on the healing process. Meditate and exercise together. Eat meals together. Stay positive together. Keep an anchor on your thoughts and don’t sink when the discussions become pessimistic. Work on common goals, and always be patient, kind and loving.

Supporting someone you love through the changes that cancer imposes, is difficult. It may lead you to introspect on your own choices. Whatever your thoughts don’t let them pull you down. Extend the same compassion to yourself, as you do to others you care about. And don’t give up hope.


Extending Support

There is something special about October. It reminds us to come together as a community and extend our support to those in dire need. Even if it is through simple gestures, of wearing a pink ribbon or running for charity, or by putting in our heart and soul into making this world a better place.

Don’t miss this chance to donate to the cause:

Every bit counts!

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