Awakening To Calm, Wellbeing & Inner Peace

What does inner peace mean to you? I have asked myself this question over and over again. Through endless circumstances – good or bad. Surprisingly, the answer has seldom been motivated by my circumstances. It has rather been about doing simple things…constructive things…daily, weekly, monthly or yearly… at my own pace and in my own time. Eroding barriers. Removing hesitation. Reflecting deeply. And bringing forth those changes that have enabled my dreams.

I have realized that to be at peace we must be on the path of our choosing. And all our choices must be guided by our soul.

This is especially of consequence as we navigate a world filled with noise, chaos and constant disturbances, where listening to that inner voice is often made difficult. Where obligations and expectations from others bind and constrain us. Where we feel thwarted by the relentless pressure… running out of time, opportunities and options. But by opening up our minds and hearts and tapping into them, by meditating and clearing up the internal channels, and by focusing on our holistic well-being and what’s important for us, we can actually make our search of peace and calm a reality.

It is like a lotus flower blossoming in murky ponds. It is an enriching and moving experience to witness your spirit bloom. Something that is truly rewarding!

In this week’s blog post I discuss just a few things that make achieving inner peace a real possibility. I have taken snippets from my own life experience and from the inspiring lives of others around me. Do try them out as and when you are ready, without rushing yourself or pushing too hard.


1. The act of letting go

This is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Letting go means acknowledging that not everything is within our control. That while we work hard and work sincerely, we can’t always dictate the outcome. By acknowledging and accepting this we learn to lift the pressure and ease our lives. We learn to trust that whatever the result, it is for our benefit and for the greatest good.

Practice the act of letting go in your everyday. Make it a reminder and a ritual.


2. Learning something new

There is a different kind of satisfaction in picking up new skills. Whether it is making art, craft, music, or even working in the garden, the joy is unbelievable! Oftentimes, it helps clear-up blocked channels within us. Helps us communicate better with ourselves and others. Learning something new is similar to learning something new about ourselves – What holds us back? What makes us distrust our own instincts and passions? What will make us believe in ourselves again?

Pick up a new skill. Learn a new language. Invest in a hobby. You will learn something more, I assure you.

3. Keeping it simple

We get carried away with the pace of this life. We get caught up. And forget our true calling. Our purpose. Keeping it simple is an art in itself. Physically it could start with decluttering of your home, removing the unwanted mess and clearing up space. Mentally and spiritually it could mean looking for ways to uncomplicate things, communicating more clearly and organizing things a little more each day.

Focus on what’s important. What makes you happy. Remember to love yourself. And give yourself the time and space you need.


4. Rewarding relationships

Relationships can be a source of great pleasure. Rewarding relationships are those where we are encouraged to be ourselves, where we feel safe and secure, and we can share our innermost feelings without being judged. Building friendships can require a lot of work and commitment, and sometimes a lot of sacrifices and compromises. Remember give and take is natural. Ups and downs are natural too and it is not always smooth sailing.

Cherish relationships that are special. Think of your friendships as young saplings you will water and nurture as they grow into fruit-bearing and shady trees.


5. Doing things wholeheartedly

Whether it is at work or at home, whatever you do, do it with complete focus. By putting all your energy into a task, howsoever small or big, you are sure to succeed. And enjoy yourself in the course of doing it. People who do things wholeheartedly are flooded with a feeling of peace.

Draw up your commitments and give them an honest go. You will see that by doing so the universe in-turn rewards you with people who value their commitment to you.

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