8 Simple Steps So You Can Stop Feeling Tired. Now.

No matter what you believe, it’s the mind that controls how energetic and active you feel. And, there are a few things we can all do to help our minds become more positive, energized, peppy and focused.

Because that is what we want, at the end of the day. To feel less tired and dull. And to feel more in control – active and full of vitality!

It is essential to stay productive in today’s fast-paced world. Feeling energetic can drastically improve your quality of life both at home as well as at work.

Experiencing bouts of dullness, lethargy and fatigue are normal. They can last for several days or weeks, usually subsiding and soon, you are back to normal again. But if you have been experiencing intense bouts and having trouble keeping up with your work and routine, these tips that I discuss in this week’s blog post will definitely help you.

If, however, you continue to feel the same way, do have a word with me. As a Health Coach, I have helped several people through these issues and developed strategies to combat them in their very roots. Whatever you choose you have to know – You don’t have to feel tired all the time. There is help!

Here are my 8 tips to stop feeling tired and start feeling energized, now. Apply them to your life generously. There are no side effects, only goodness.

1. Master your sleep routine

A good night’s sleep can help you refocus and energize in countless ways. This is why regular and sound sleep is so essential.

Build a healthy sleep routine, starting with sleeping at a fixed time every night to taking a bath and relaxing before you hit the bed. Don’t work on the bed. Switch off those distracting devices – smartphones and telly. Listen to soothing music and dim the lights. Do everything that helps.

2. Eat well and stay nourished

Your food is your source of energy. This doesn’t mean that you need to pepper your food with sugar or make it artificially energy-rich. The key is in balance and moderation. Make sure you are taking in all the nutrients and in the right amount.

With food, stick to portion sizes and have a balanced meal. Have seasonal fruits and veggies. Have whole foods that are organic and bought from your local farmers market. Give a thought to supplementing your diet with vital nutrients that are missing from your meals.

3. Some exercise and activity

Physical activity, movement and exercise are necessary ingredients that help us build our strength and process the food we’ve eaten. So, by exercising regularly we are creating energy.

Not to mention the feel-good hormones that are generated when we exercise. These hormones signal happiness to our brain and we experience a rush of energy and positivity.

Simple exercises like yoga, dancing or even a brisk walk in the sun can be really beneficial.

4. Reduce stress and stressors

We experience a lot of stress in our busy lives – stress at home and stress at work, stress with the kids and stress with friends and family. Stress often has a cumulative effect and keeps adding to our burden.

It is essential to identify the stressors we have in our lives and learn how to manage them. Not ignore them. Whether it is through therapy or by talking things out with a friend, you should aim at reducing stress to the maximum possible extent.

5. Drink water and stay hydrated

Water itself doesn’t have any energy, but a cold shower, a splash of water on the face or even a drink of a glassful of water can help you feel refreshed and energized.

Use this formula in your daily routine. Drink plenty of water. Carry a bottle when you go out and remember to drink water. Infused waters with mint, lemon and other flavours can be very uplifting.

6. Limit alcohol and cigarettes

This is a no brainer – reduce your dependence on alcohol and cigarettes. Not only is their effect on the body damaging, there is an irrevocable effect on how active and energized we feel.

These substances dull the body and impact our senses. And it is often a vicious cycle of addiction and craving.

7. Take regular breaks

This is perhaps the most potent of all the tips – to take regular breaks. Break out of routines and think fresh. Take your mind off things and develop new perspectives. Take time off your chores and tasks, and unwind.

Oftentimes taking a break can have a cathartic effect. Like venting or reacquainting with someone, you will emerge a new person. And, when you get back to your life, you will feel a new surge of energy to tackle tasks.

8. Let there be light and laughter

A dull dark room creates a dull dark atmosphere. Bring in the light. Open the drapes and curtains. When dark during evenings, use bright lights. You will immediately feel the difference in your energy levels.

Similarly, a dull dark mood can create a dull dark feeling. Break it up with laughter. Use humour to dispel seriousness. Maintain a light and easy composition wherever you are.

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