4 Steps To A Fulfilling & Satisfying Life

When you are at peace with who you are and what you do, then happiness, fulfilment and success follow naturally. And this sense of happiness and fulfilment is permanent, not transient. It is continuous, not static.

What this means is that once you master the “4 steps” approach, you are able to experience life differently, redesign your lifestyle and lead a peaceful, happy and satisfied life. And you can do this forever.

In this week’s blog post I talk about the 4 steps I personally developed that I prescribe as well as follow. I hope reading this blog will help you lead a better more fulfilling and satisfying life.

So, what are these 4 steps?

  1. Focus on your health
  2. Build better habits
  3. Shush the inner critic
  4. Be thankful and grateful

These 4 steps are dependent on the idea that you accept and acknowledge yourself – your true aspirations and wishes, your qualities, your nature and your beautiful self; and, that you believe in what you do – your work, your passions, your hobbies, your skills and talents and your contributions. 

For instance, if you are a busy mom really trying hard to do right by your family and you have a feeling that you are failing, these 4 steps will help you re-centre. Similarly, if you are a professional woman and you feel you can’t dedicate sufficient time towards your health and wellness goals, then by focusing on these 4 steps you will gain greater clarity.

Another crucial principle to follow is that of continuous improvement. We don’t want to apply any rules that alter your life drastically. Rather, we want to do it slowly and in small iterative steps.

For example, when we are on step 1 and building your focus on health, we do it by incorporating things that you find easy to do first. Eat breakfast if you have been skipping it. Go for a walk if you don’t do any physical activity at all. If you eat packaged foods and can’t avoid them, add a side of salad to your order and buy foods with the least number of ingredients in them. Then build on from there, incorporating more and more healthy details to your routine.

1. Focus on your health

As I said above, try small steps and nothing big. Think of the things you can do right now and do them. Don’t build lofty goals that you will never reach.

By doing things that are within your grasp and reach, you enable your mind to think about what’s immediate. You consider yourself and what is important to you. You make little sacrifices for your own sake. And you go on to include what you do into your routine.

Consider if you’ve started eating dark cacao chocolate in place of regular chocolate. Make this transition a permanent one. Don’t go back to eating regular chocolate anymore. And move forward to more such improvements.

2. Build better habits

I understand that some habits are really hard to give up. For instance, drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes. Step 2 – Building better habits, is about creating a better life for yourself through habits that are beneficial.

Try organic coffee and reduce your intake to 2 cups a day if you are having more. Do not smoke indoors and keep increasing the distance between where you are and your designated smoking zone. Create better habits. And move forward with dedication and commitment to your goals. Remember to give yourself time to adjust to change before pushing forward.

3. Shush the inner critic

Your inner critic can make life difficult for you, especially if you are on a journey of change and improvement. You will experience failures and you may fall back on bad habits. Through all this you need to stay positive and focused. You need to be able to bring yourself out of the abyss and re-emerge on your path.

Don’t give in to despair or disappointment. Don’t worry about things that are outside your control. Give yourself love, patience and consideration. Be kind. Remember success comes with hard work and dedication, and after many many failed tries.

4. Be thankful and grateful

Carry this light in your heart as you transition and transform your life. Be eternally thankful and grateful. There are so many things to be grateful for – good health, loving family and friends, productive work, and a wonderful life.

Maintain a gratitude journal and make a note of all the good things you experience. Keep a lookout for the smallest act of kindness and pay it forward. Give generously and wholeheartedly. Share the joy of living!

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