A 4-Pronged Approach to Holistic Health and Wellness!

For most of us, wellness and health begin and end with diet, nutrition, exercise and Physical Health. Period.

We forget our Mental Health. And, we suffer from added stress in our chaotic lives. Some of our bad habits, like sleeping late, and eating improper foods really impact our state of being.

We ignore our Emotional Health. We surround ourselves with toxic people and call them friends. Our relationships are not wholesome and balanced.

And we downplay our Spiritual Health. We do not pursue our hobbies and dreams. We let ourselves degrade continually, under pressure and utterly overwhelmed with a complete lack of support.


By combining all the dimensions of wellness – The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS), we affect a more comprehensive change. We take a more holistic view of health and manage aspects that help us improve our lives, even if it is marginally, sometimes!


Physical Health

Our Physical Health is the most obvious starting point.

If we lead a sedentary lifestyle and don’t engage in much physical activity, we can begin by including some easy exercises to our routine. Simple motions and movements will help stimulate our bodies and improve our metabolism.

Cutting back on high carb foods, junk foods and packaged foods reduces our exposure to sugar and sugary substances. And this is a good thing! Further, we can incorporate a low GI diet, that will keep us fit and healthy!


Emotional Health

While good relationships are a source of great joy, broken and dysfunctional relationships can take a toll on our health. We can feel emotionally drained and fatigued.

By taking some constructive steps forward we can eliminate feeling bogged down all the time. For example, accepting the truth of the situation, purging people who have a negative impact on our lives, taking professional help from guidance counsellors and seeking closure, can help immensely.

By developing emotional intelligence, we can improve our emotional maturity and propensity to handle ups-and-downs, frustrations and stress. An emotionally intelligent person can put things into perspective with far greater ease, and without causing any discomfort to self.

Mental Health

If you suffer from issues such as reduced concentration, general disinterest and a fidgeting or fleeting mind, you could practice meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness are a great stepping stone to good Mental Health.

With mindfulness, you focus on heightening your awareness of the world around you. In this state, you take an active part in your own life and become more grateful for all the good things that are unravelling.

With meditation, you introduce positive focus and motivation. You slow down and clear your thoughts. You take cognisance of your issues. And through all this, you rid yourself of unwanted stress.

Apart from meditation and mindfulness, engaging in your hobbies could also help. For example, some number games, art and painting, and team sports provide great relief.


Spiritual Health

Each person has unique spiritual wants. However, we all seek Spiritual Health in some common ways –  through a shared interconnectedness with others, by seeking life’s purpose and meaning, through art, music and literature, and by our own understanding of birth, creation and God.

We can seek to grow spiritually through intellectual pursuits or by engaging in simple pleasures. For example, we can practice yoga with a group of close friends and share our experiences. This opens up the avenue to discuss deeper issues and relate to others like never before. We can also practice journaling. Here, by writing down our emotions and feelings, we aim to understand ourselves better. We improve our inner dialogue and open up clogged channels that we didn’t know existed.


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