3 Ways To Reverse Diabetes Naturally!

If you have diabetes (or have seen a loved one suffer) you know the emotional roller coaster you’re on – the ups and downs of feeling really high on energy at one instant and then completely drained the next. This fluctuation between extremes can take a toll on your health and wellbeing.

And even the symptoms are worrisome – the constant craving for sugary foods, mood swings and dullness, fatigue and anxiety. Internally, some of these symptoms can stress your organs and cause wear. Externally, you don’t look and feel your best – your skin loses its lustre, your hair its shine and you may put on or lose weight drastically.

What is really concerning is that diabetes is now becoming more and more common the world over, with numbers expected to reach a staggering 500 million by 2030! 500 MILLION! We’ve really caused something awful to happen with our unhindered adoption of the “Western Diet and lifestyle”.

However, I still think not all is lost just yet. A few natural steps have been successful in breaking the vicious cycle of diabetes and setting you free. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease but it is possible for some people to reverse it.

Here in this article, I give you 3 steps – (1) Regulating your meals and steering away from junk foods, (2) Controlling your blood sugar through regular exercise, and (3) Staying positive, committed and motivated through it – that are definitely worth a try. As a bonus, it is totally possible to do all this without the aid of medication or pills, but I’ll recommend that you have a word with your doctor before making any permanent or sudden changes.

Step 1: Regulating your meals and steering away from junk foods

Start by analysing your meals – What are you eating? Fast foods or wholesome healthy meals? Do you cook or buy packaged foods? Are you addicted to junk foods or sugary drinks?

Veer away from packaged foods completely. If you are a diabetic or at risk, there are a few foods that you can’t have – make sure you know what they are. The idea is to regulate your meals. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and so lifestyle changes are completely necessary in order to reverse it.

And finally, make clear and conscious choices. Carry food with you, don’t go hungry or skip a meal. Eat as healthy as possible but if there is no choice, find the best compromise. For example, if you are at a fast-food shop buy a bowl of salad (or two) instead of something fried and when buying packaged foods, stick to meals with the minimum number of ingredients and the least cooking time.

Step 2: Controlling your blood sugar through regular exercise

When you have your meals in order, look at other aspects of your lifestyle. Do you have a desk job or an active field job? Are you getting enough exercise? Do you take time to indulge in some healthy hobbies such as sports, swimming or dancing?

Add movement to your life. Exercise regularly especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Simple routines such as taking a brisk walk in the park every morning, or exercising in your own backyard for a few minutes every day, can make a huge difference.

You can use up the extra sugar in your blood through exercising. And exercising helps you moderate your blood sugar levels without straining your kidneys.

Step 3: Staying positive, committed and motivated through it

Life can get stressful and lonesome when you are dealing with a disease that people are only beginning to understand now. There are mental, emotional and physical pressures of being a diabetic. This is why I recommend taking all possible measures for staying positive, committed and motivated.

Finding a friend to talk to and share your journey with can be a great way of unburdening. A good friend can help you set reminders for your mealtimes, doctor’s appointments and other crucial tasks. And you won’t feel like giving up.

Indulge in good music and constructive hobbies, practice yoga and meditation that strengthen your mind and spirit, and nurture yourself with good food and TLC – Give yourself everything you need to heal and re-emerge.



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