3 Benefits Of Exercising During A Cleanse

Planning on participating in Cleanse? Worried that your exercise routine may suffer? Or that you may not be able to cope with its energy needs on a low energy plan?

Draw in a long calming breath. And relax. You can do both – Cleanse + Exercise.

Exercising regularly is essential for your health and wellbeing. It helps your body get rid of waste and flush out harmful toxins. It improves your metabolism. It promotes better digestion and circulation. It also helps your moods, keeping you feeling more motivated and positive. For all these reasons and more it is essential that you continue exercising even during your Cleanse.

I understand that you may be on a very specific low-calorie diet and it may not be possible to meet the demands of a full-fledged exercise routine during such a time. But while you may cut out caffeine, gluten, sugar, carbs, alcohol etc. you don’t need to cut out exercise too. In fact, you can alter your exercise routine to fit in properly with your Cleanse. Interested in knowing the secret?

Read more. In this week’s blog post I’ll show you just how to do both – Exercise and Cleanse simultaneously, without compromising on anything. What will surprise you are the incredible benefits of doing both together.


1. Pick the right exercises

Exercise can jumpstart the natural cleansing processes. It stimulates the organs into a thorough self-cleaning mode.

When you pick the right exercises that complement your Cleanse – like stomach crunches, abdominal twists and brisk walks in the park – you can enhance its effectiveness. Yoga is another great option as it doesn’t put stress on the heart or the body but, just the same, it works your body and generates sweat.

Ensure that you don’t engage in HIIT workouts and save them for after your Cleanse. Keep the exercising to simple and easy routines that are low intensity and low impact.


2. Pick the right foods

Eating the right foods is essential for Cleanse to work successfully. Incorporate dried fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet. Lentils and lentil sprouts are highly nourishing. Avocado, banana, papaya, sweet potato, eggplant are high energy nutritious foods that can also be considered.

Pick the foods that match your energy requirements, even during Cleanse. Up your protein intake if your exercise routine is strenuous. And consider incorporating some high energy nutritious foods.

In the end, if your exercise routine during Cleanse is making you feel faint or tired, talk to a trusted health coach. Do NOT stress your body unnecessarily. You may create complications for yourself! 


3. Listen to your body

Cleanse is a rewarding and beautiful experience. You can imagine your GI tract being restored to a state of pristine health. Your skin will gleam. Your organs will thank you and you will feel energised and reinvigorated.

But remember that your body is working extremely hard during Cleanse. It can feel tired and strained. So, periods of rest and sleep are vital to keeping the balance. Pair this with light exercise and good nourishing food, and you have a winning combination.

And finally, Cleanse is as much about your physical health as it is about your mental and spiritual health. So, don’t forget to work on those areas. Introspect. Reflect. Breathe deeply. Practice self-care and self-love. And listen to your body as it tells you what makes it feel happy and cared for. What makes it shed old skin and bloom like a flower.


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